Garden July 2020

Garden - Acorn Squash

Andrea Schrag PhotographyHey there friend!  I haven’t yet written a personal blog post here yet, but today that changes with my first garden post.  I have loved gardening in the past, but due to moving, rentals, having babies and all that nonsense, it’s been probably at least 5 years since I’ve had a successful garden.

Actually take that back – I planted a garden the summer I was pregnant with my youngest (dumb, dumb, dumb decision – the garden not the baby lol).  I had grand plans for that space and did end up harvesting tomatoes and potatoes.  Considering what I had planned, it wasn’t that great of a harvest but it was something for sure.  

Garden - Acorn SquashThis year, I planted some winter squashes – spaghetti, acorn and butternut and they are doing fantastic.  We love eating these squash varieties and they stay for a long time (without having to freeze or can them), so I felt like those would be good for us to grow and thankfully I’ve been right about that.  It’s always smart to grow things your family will for sure eat.  

I also planted 4 tomato plants and from those plants I have 3 green Roma’s and 1 bigger tomato that is split.  I’d rather not talk about my disappointing tomatoes.  Mainly because I think I know what I did wrong and it’s annoying.  🙁

So this year’s adventure has been a bit of a toss up.  I do have broccoli and early watermelon seeds planted in some pots that I’m planning for a fall garden.  (I’d show you a photo but right now it just looks like dirt in a pot).  With the cooler temps these last few days I’ve left them outside but will bring them in if the weather warms back up (from my research above 90 is too hot for them).  Today was 64 degrees in the morning!  It felt like Fall had already arrived…on July 31st…in Kansas…which was amaaaazzzing.  But I’m no dummy. I know Kansas and she’s crazy.  The heat will be back, but dang I’m enjoying the cooler weather for sure!

Fall Garden

Garden - Spaghetti SquashFor my fall garden I’m also planning carrots, green beans, beets and radishes.  I definitely have the space out here, it’s just a matter of having the time to put the little seeds in the ground.

Gardening can be such a rewarding and frustrating experience.  We start with high hopes of a beautiful garden full of tasty veggies.  And somewhere along the way, reality sets in and weeds come in a little more than we planned.  But that’s ok.  It’s all a learning experience. And as long as we learn and improve each season, then it was worth it.  🙂

But with the uncertainty of everything that’s going on in the world, the garden gives me a little certainty and distraction which has been welcome these last few months.

Garden - Acorn SquashResources I’ve found to help

About a month ago I found a Youtube channel that has given me so much knowledge and inspiration.  The channel is called Roots and Refuge Farm – I’ll link it here in case you want to check it out.  She has a FB group too which is amazing if you want to join a community of like minded garden geeks who love to talk tomatoes and garden trellises.  🙂

I have started to share some of my gardening adventure on my Instagram page.  If you want to check that out, you can go to the hashtag, #andreagrowsthings to see my veggies.  🙂

I would LOVE to know if you garden too!  If you do, will you tell me in the comments what you grow?  If you don’t garden, what would you grow?

I hope you’re having a nice day and can’t wait to chat in the comments!



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