Hutchinson KS Zoo field trip

porcupine eating broccoli at the hutchinson zoo

I took my kids out for a field trip to the Hutchinson KS Zoo a few weeks ago to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. 

Hutch Zoo Hutch Zoo

We always have a nice time here – it doesn’t take too long and there’s fun things to see!

They don’t charge admission but there is a suggested donation, so you can pay if you can but no worries if you can’t. 

Hutch Zoo

They have a pig, donkey, goats, tortoises that like to fight over food and cute little prairie dogs, among other things. 

There is a place where kids can go in a tunnel and pop up in clear domes to be up close and personal with the prairie dogs which is so fun!

(This area was closed off when we visited but hopefully it’ll be up and running next time.) 

There’s also a fun place where you can dig up dinosaur bones and go down a slide inside a dinosaur’s skull! There’s so many fun little things to do at this zoo but it doesn’t take a whole day’s commitment like some other bigger ones do.  🙂

In case your kids are into snakes and lizards, there’s a place for those too!  A great indoor area with a cayman, a big green snake and other fun creepy crawlies.  🙂

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a hour or two in the Hutchinson area, I’d highly suggest taking a  Hutchinson KS Zoo field trip.

Have you been to this zoo?  What’s your favorite part?

Hutch Zoo

Hutchinson KS Zoo Hutchinson KS Zoo Hutchinson KS Zoo


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