kansas elopement or small weddingAre you considering opting out of the “big wedding” scene?  Many people are choosing an elopement or small wedding either out of necessity or choice.

Whether you’re scaling back by choice or because big gatherings are restricted right now, I am so glad you’re here!

I would love to give you some ideas to help you plan your Kansas elopement or small wedding.

Instead of worrying about what distant relatives or friends from college think of your wedding colors or what their place setting is, let’s focus on you.

Your relationship, love and commitment is what has brought us to this occasion.  Let’s celebrate your love and remember this special day with an intimate wedding.

kansas elopement or small wedding

What matters on your wedding day is that you get married!  There are definite benefits to choosing to elope or only inviting a few special people into your day. 

I truly think a small intimate wedding allows you to focus on what you both want for your wedding.  

What do you both love to do together?

Would you like to spend your wedding morning together having fun and then go get married?  What if I could be with you the whole day capturing your wedding day in its entirety?

Imagine the memories you could make {and I could help preserve}.

Here’s an article telling a bride’s story of eloping and 7 tips for planning your special small wedding.

If you’d like to chat about options, fill out the contact form below and let’s start planning your Kansas elopement or small wedding!

kansas elopement or small wedding

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