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A common question I hear from business owners getting their personal brand photos taken is, “what should I bring with me to the photo shoot?”.  Your photographer will most likely be able to give you direction on what items to bring, but in case they don’t I came up with a list of prop ideas for your personal brand photo shoot.

This isn’t an all-inclusive list and they may not all apply to your business, but a lot of them will apply to most businesses.  I made this list into a printable so you could reference it later and you can grab that below!

Prop ideas for your Personal Brand photo shoot:

  • laptop (consider removing stickers or covers to align with your brand and colors)
  • favorite mug (or one that fits in with your brand colors)
  • cell phone
  • favorite pen
  • favorite notebook (or again, one that fits in with your brand colors)
  • planner
  • tools of your trade (scissors and thread if you sew, markers and paints if you’re an artist, etc)
  • books (self development books, or ones that you use to improve your craft, or ones that you read for fun which may help tell your story and attract the right people to you)
  • flowers that fit in with your brand colors
  • anything that may speak to the heart of your ideal client.  What do you both enjoy doing in your free time?
  • items you sell (if you sell physical items)
  • headphones/ear buds
  • plant

Adding in props to your photos can really help to round out the photo, build trust and tell your story more clearly.  And that’s the goal – telling your story to attract your ideal client.  If you’d like to download this list so you can make notes, add to it and check things off when you’ve put them in your bag for your shoot, you can grab the list from the bottom of this post!

Need more ideas for how to use your personal brand photos?  Check out this post here for inspiration.  Or still curious about what exactly this personal brand photo nonsense is all about??  Check this post here for some clarification.

I hope that your photo shoot is massively successful and that it helps you grow your business.  Do you have any extra ideas we should add to this list?  Please add them to the comments below!

Until next time,

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