What is a “mini session”?

3 kids fall session at Dillon Nature Center

Have you ever wondered…what is a mini session?  A lot of photographers offer them as a way for families to get a few photos each year at a lower cost than their full size sessions.

I thought I’d write up a little blog post about what a mini session is (and isn’t) so that everything’s clear.  🙂

A mini session…


  • 10-20 minutes long
  • Date and at a location chosen by the photographer (they’ll be booking multiple sessions back to back at the same location)
  • Great opportunity for a few updated photos at a lower price
  • Lots of fun!  We move quick so kids don’t get bored as easily and Dad won’t miss too much of the game. 😉
  • Usually you receive only a few images with your session but can purchase additional ones.  The nice thing about this is that you are often paying less up front. So there’s less risk and a great option for trying out a new photographer.  It’s also nice if you just need a few photos for updated family photos or holiday cards.

is not:

  • Over 20 minutes
  • Date and at a location chosen by the you, the client
  • A session where you receive more than 10 images

Some photographers will book 30 minute “mini sessions” all over town on different evenings and as you can imagine, this is a very poor use of their time.  Why not let your photographer choose an awesome location, and you just pick your time slot and show up?  Wouldn’t that be so easy?  🙂

If you are a family with small children, I’d recommend a mini session over a full session because I know kids get restless and tired of posing for photos for an hour.  In my sessions (especially with children) I love to capture “in between” moments and less posed shots.  But even with this plan they can get bored quickly.

personal branding photographer for doula

A good mini session should leave you loving the photographer and wanting to work with them more, which is also why a shorter time is best.

If you’re not sure that 15 minutes is enough time to get a variety of shots, check out the photos below.  I took my daughter’s photos this summer and we ended up with a very limited amount of time for photos.

Here’s a little collage I put together of my favorite shots from that session.  I checked the time stamp on the images and I found that I took these in 8 minutes.  I feel like there’s a good variety here and I am pleased with the results!  Imagine what I could do with more people to pose and 7 more minutes!  🙂

16 photo collage from 8 minute session

Are you interested in booking a mini session with me?  Well, my friend you’re in luck!  Right now I have fall mini sessions open for booking!  There’s a limited amount of spots available, so if you’re interested then click on this link and get all the details.  🙂

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