6 Key reception photos to take

6 key reception photos to take

When planning out your wedding timeline, you can get a plan together for which family members you want a photo of, which bridesmaid combination to be sure you get.  But sometimes the reception can get overlooked.  So I wanted to put together a list of 6 key reception photos to take so you make sure you don’t miss a thing.

As always, most likely your photographer will go over this with you.  But I know that going into your meetings with your photographer with as much info prepared ahead of time as possible, will help you & them be prepared for your wedding.

1 – Key DanceReception dances - Perfect Timeline for Wedding Photos

So there’s the obvious photo opps like the First Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, and so on.  Make sure your photographer knows if you’re doing some extra dances like a Dollar Dance, and it’s also helpful to tell them how many candid photos of guests dancing that you’d like to have.

Letting your photographer know the order that the reception will flow in and when to expect certain dances is very helpful so that they for sure don’t miss an important moment.

2 – Toasts

It’s helpful for your photographer to have a heads up about who will be giving a toast.  Some weddings just have the maid of honor and best man, while others have parents and family give toasts.  So if your photographer knows how many to expect, they can move around the room and get different angles (or stay put so they don’t miss that one toast).  🙂

Also – if you have special “bride” and “groom” glasses for champagne, let your  photographer know so they can get some fingerprint-free photos of those special glasses.

3 – Cake Cutting

Cutting the cake together is a special tradition, so this is another obvious can’t miss shot.  You & your fiancé may want to talk before hand about how nice (or naughty) you’ll both be when feeding each other your first piece of cake.  Just so everyone knows the ground rules going in.  🙂

4 – Bouquet & Garter Toss

As well as the toss itself, make sure you remember to grab a photo of you with the recipient of the garter or bouquet.  🙂 These are often special friends and having a photo together of that time will be a fun keepsake.

5 – Special Groups

Maybe there will be a group of people at your reception who you’d like to get a photo with even though they’re not family or part of the wedding party.  So you might think ahead and if a big group of co-workers will be attending the reception and decide if you’d like to get a photo of you all together on your special day.

6 – Guests

Do you want photos of your guests sitting at their tables before they start eating?  Most people do because you likely won’t see everyone in person at your wedding.  Even if you do see them, honestly you may not remember because the day does tend to speed by.  I know at our wedding, I looked at the guest book a few days later and realized there were people who attended that I never saw.  So having a photo of them could be nice.

If you do want this, be sure to let your photographer know and realize they may not get every single person.  A reception is a moving event, and there are always people going to get another drink or going to the bathroom.  It’s hard to get a photo of every single person.  But if they know you want it, they’ll try their hardest to get everyone photographed.  🙂

I hope this list helps you plan out your reception photos!  If I missed any, let me know in the comments :). Want more info about hiring me as your wedding photographer?  Just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch soon!

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