How to maximize your mini sessions

maximize your fall mini session

If you’re anything like me, you like to use your time as wisely as possible and get the most out of everything you spend money on.  I have apple peels and cores in a container turning into apple cider vinegar as we speak just to give you an example.  😉  So when thinking about my upcoming mini sessions, I wanted to give you ways to maximize your time at your mini sessions. And so this blog post was born.  Isn’t she cute???  🙂 

Hutchinson engagement sessionI know that anytime you book a session, whether mini or full, it’s a bit of work to get outfits together & kids ready for the session, so when you get to your session you want to get the most out of it that you can.

Below I have gathered some tips for how to best maximize your mini sessions so that you can arrive at your session the most prepared possible and have the best session! 

Plan your outfits

I know you won’t show up to your session in just whatever you happen to be wearing, so planning your outfits is so important.

    1. Weather.  Be sure you’re dressing for the season especially if you are dressing little ones.  They can’t fake happy if they’re freezing cold as easily as you can, so be sure to dress them appropriately. If the weather is uncertain and you’re not sure that what you have is warm enough, a blanket (solid or neutral color is awesome) is a cute prop for your session that can add a cozy feeling while keeping their little bodies warm.  🙂
    2. Layers.  A mini session doesn’t allow enough time for an outfit change, but if you simply wear a sweater or cardigan over another top you can get two different looks.  I wouldn’t recommend this with kids because it’ll take some time away from your session.  But if you’re an engaged couple (or just a couple in love), then this might be a great option to add more clothing variety to your session without changing outfits.
    3. Put it all together.  When getting clothes ready for a session with multiple people, laying the clothing out on a bed or the floor can really help you see if the clothes coordinate with one another.  Sounds simple, but it makes it so much easier to visualize everything together.
    4. Read this post.  I wrote up a blog post all about what to wear to your session.  Reading this should help you in pulling clothes and coordinating for your session.
    5. Think ahead.  What do you want to do with your photos?  Will you use these in Christmas cards?  Or do you want to spruce up your walls with beautiful wall art of your sweet family?  If they will be up on your walls, be mindful of what colors you choose to wear and how those will look in the room.  {I would love to help you out with this but if you want to print on your own, I recommend}
    6. Think about your shoes.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget about our shoes or not really consider them when dressing for photos.  But make sure you look the way you want to from your head to your toes.

Arrive 10 minutes early

I know it’s hard to do sometimes especially with little ones, but arriving early to your session is so good.  This ensures you won’t feel rushed and flustered.  It also makes sure that you won’t lose your session time.

Bribery never hurt anyone

{at least when it comes to photo sessions}.  If you need to promise your kids a trip to the ice cream store or favorite restaurant or their pick of movie back at home after the session, then go for it.  Feel free to let me know what you’ve promised so I can help remind them if needed.  😉

Haven engagement sessionI hope this has given you some ideas of ways you can maximize your own mini sessions!  Anytime you spend money or time on something, I believe you should make the most of it.  🙂

If you’d like to check out all the info about my upcoming mini sessions, you can go here to check that out!  

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