How should I use personal brand photos?

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It’s been proven that people want to do business with a person; not a logo.  So when you’re trying to grow a business and get people to trust you, showing your pretty face with personal brand photos is the best way to do that!

The great thing about personal branding photos is that you can use them pretty much however you want.  This article talks about how great personal brand photos are + how they can help grow your business.

Maybe you need fresh photos every season to keep your Instagram feed looking awesome.  Or possibly you need some new photos for your book or course launch.  Whatever your needs, personal brand photography is what you want.

When you have personal brand photos taken, your session includes the high resolution files & commercial license for the photos the photographer took of you.  {This is true for everyone I know of, but definitely double check with your photographer before assuming they work the same way}.  So you can use these photos for social media, your website or print materials.

Just so we’re crystal clear, you’ll receive the commercial use license, but the copyright stays with the photographer (unless they sell that to you).  This allows you to do anything you need to with these images for your business, except sell them as your own.  Most photographers don’t even request that you credit them when using the images.  {high-five}

These are your personal brand photos for your business

Your personal brand photos should tell your story and help you authentically connect with your audience.  My goal with every shoot is that you walk away armed with plenty of different images so you can post on social media every day and not have to scramble to find a photo to post.

My favorite way to stay on top of posting daily is to schedule my posts.

I use the free version of Later for Instagram, and on Facebook I schedule within their app.  There’s a real sense of calm and peace that I feel when I know I have posts going out every day that week or month.  You can check out Later here.  (By using that link you & I both will get extra posts/month for free).

Having a stash of images makes it so easy to stay on top of an important task that can easily get pushed aside when I’m busy.

I hope this gives you a few ideas of how you can use your personal brand photos in your business.  Let me know in the comments how you use yours (or how you will when you get them taken)!  🙂

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