Jesse + Alexis | couples photo session

couples photo session

I had the privilege of meeting with Jesse and Alexis for a couples photo session just a few days ago!  They brought their 9 month old Saint Bernard puppy with them, and we got some great shots along an empty country road.

My husband and I had a Labrador for a long time and being around this big puppy reminded me how much I love big dogs.  🙂 Samson was so well behaved and did a great job the whole time.  🙂 Doesn’t he look so handsome with his tie??

couples photo session

Saint Bernard puppy

We arrived at our location about an hour before sunset – known in the photography world as “golden hour”.  Looking at these photos, you can see why it’s called golden hour.  The light is softer, not so harsh and has a golden tone to it which is flattering on most anybody.  🙂

couples photo session

I loved having a dog at our session, so bring yours along if you’d like!

A tip for your couples photo session with a pet:

If you’re planning a couples photo session and have a pet you’d like included with in the photos, it’s a good idea to bring someone along to help with your fur baby.  🙂

Alexis asked her brother {bribed with spicy pretzels} to come along to the photo shoot and he was such a big help!  From holding on to Samson while we were taking photos of just Alexis & Jesse, to making faces behind me so that Samson would look toward the camera, we couldn’t have done it without him!

Saint Bernard puppy

This couples photo session was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we got to get together for this!  Any time is a good time for photos, especially if you have someone special in your life.  It’s always good to document your time together.  🙂

couples photo session

And remember to have fun at your session!  I was teasing Jesse that he wasn’t laughing as much as Alexis, so she goosed him and I got it all on camera!  🙂  So glad he’s a good sport and just went with it.  😉

couples photo session

Alexis and Jesse, you were lots of fun and I enjoyed spending some time with you!  Do you know Jesse & Alexis?  Leave them a note to let them know how cute you think Samson is!  🙂

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