Justin + Alexis | Dillon Nature Center Engagement Session

Dillon Nature Center Engagement session

Justin and Alexis were a fun couple to meet on a beautiful fall day out at Dillon Nature Center!  They had entered my engagement session giveaway, and were runner up winners of an engagement session!

Dillon Nature Center couples photo sessionThrough crazy schedules we weren’t able to meet up right away, and even though their wedding is planned for next June, these silly kids couldn’t wait any longer and got married early!  So we turned this Dillon Nature Center engagement session into a couples session!  We had a fun time getting some great images of them together.  🙂

Have you been to Dillon Nature Center before?  I have always enjoyed going there and being surrounded by the beautiful scenery.  I have been there quite a bit these last few months for sessions (here’s one), and I really would encourage you to visit!  It’s free to visitors (as a pro I pay a little membership fee to help cover some costs).  There is so much to see inside and out; you should visit sometime!  Here’s a link to their website if you want to check out all the great things they offer!

This couple met on Tinder and quickly became friends, talking and getting to know each other.

I asked Alexis if she would share how Justin proposed so I could tell you all in their blog post, and she gave me the story!  So do you want to know???  I hope you just said yes or nodded your head, because I’m gonna tell you anyway.  🙂

So here, in her own words, is the story of how Justin proposed to Alexis:

Dillon Nature Center engagement session“It’s so random to be honest. He works weird hours and at the time I did as well as I was working at Jillian’s Italian Grill. He got off work and came home and was in a hurry and asked me for the envelope of money we had saved after tax time to pay off some stuff. I told him where it was and off he went.

Little did I know he was meeting my mom in Wichita to pick out my ring. In the mean time, I had gone into Hutch to go to Walmart to get a few things and then I would be home to get ready for work. he called me in a panic asking where I was and when I would be home. I proceeded to tell him I would be home soon and that I was getting ready to check out at Walmart. I got home and he told me that the pipes under the sink in the kitchen were leaking and he needed me to hold the flash light so he could see. He said he didn’t see anything so I proceeded to tell him I didn’t know and walked away to get ready for work. He told me to come back, but at that point I just needed to get ready to go so I wasn’t going to. I of course went back and he was on his knees on the kitchen floor with a tiny box.

I had a feeling and had told a couple of coworkers that he had been acting weird and that I thought he was going to purpose over the weekend as he was telling me I needed to try and get out of work early or that he had something planned but wasn’t going to tell me.”    —  Alexis

Dillon Nature Center couples photo session

So now you know the story of how it all began.  🙂  I’ll finish up with a few more of my favorite images from this engagement (turned “couples”) session.  If you know these two, would you leave them a word of congratulations or marriage advice in the comments?  I know they would love hearing from you!  🙂

Dillon Nature Center Engagement Session

Dillon Nature Center Engagement Session







Dillon Nature Center Engagement Session

Dillon Nature Center Engagement Session

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