5 personal brand photo session tips

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Before your personal brand photo session, a lot of photographers will offer a free consultation where you can sit down and meet them, have your questions answered and feel more confident before your session.

If you’re still in the planning stages and just want to know a little bit more without having to talk to a person {I totally get it}, I thought I’d put together a short list for you to review.  This way you will feel more prepared when you’re ready to take the leap and hire a pro.

1. Know who your ideal client is + what you have in common with them. How do you connect with your client?

Let’s say you and your ideal client love to bake cookies personal branding photographer for doulaat home with your kids.  Or maybe you both love running.  Most likely there’s something that you both have in common.  These make for great photos that will help you connect with your potential clients.  They see you as a real person who enjoys the same activities they do, and suddenly you’re not just like every other writer with a new book.  Now you’re relatable and people like to buy from people they feel like they know.

2. Gather supplies – fav mug, notebook, laptop.  Make sure they’re clean and ready for the camera.

Think through different items that you use for your business, or personal items that can add to the photo to make it uniquely “you”.  Personal brand photography is more that just another headshot.  It’s a blend of lifestyle photos, custom stock photos, headshots and portrait photography.  Bringing in items to help tell your story and give these photos a more personal touch helps people to feel like they know you.  {Which is a good thing in case you didn’t know}. 😉

3. Think about ways to incorporate your brand colors into the clothes you wear for your shoot as well as the props you bring along to your personal brand photo session.

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This can be through your clothing, a fun bold necklace, an awesome mug, or any other number of items.  My laptop cover is a really pretty pink flowery cover that I love.  But my branding colors are mainly grey & yellow, so in my photos I’d just pop off that cover.

I want my Instagram feed {eventually} to reflect my brand colors.  So having a pink flowery laptop cover would throw off the aesthetic of what I’m wanting my grid to look like.

4. Talk to your photographer and make sure they know your personal story.

I feel like this is important with any type of photography, but especially in personal brand photography.  Your photographer should be able to tell your story.  These photos need to attract your ideal client, so they need to be true to you.

5. Get hair, makeup and nails looking like you want them.Personal Branding Photographer

The images from your personal brand photo session should last you for a few months at least, so the last thing you want is to regret not taking the time to curl your hair or paint your nails before your session.  If your photographer doesn’t offer these services along with your shoot, then scheduling a blowout or manicure before your session is so worth it.

I hope these tips help you in preparing for your personal brand photo session and give you somethings to plan for when booking your session.  Did they help you?  Click on the image below to share with your friend on Pinterest!  🙂

Do you have a tip to share as well?  I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

Want to know more about what is included in a session with me?  Click here for the details


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