What is personal branding photography?

personal branding photographer for doula

A lot of people are talking about it and it’s kind of a new type of photography to offer, so what is this personal branding photography anyway?  Well, it’s a great way for entrepreneurs, online influencers and local small business owners to connect with their audience through images that tell their brand story.

More and more we all want to work with and do business with people who we feel like we know.  It’s easiest to feel like we know those businesses who have a personal brand.

The best way for your ideal client to get to know you is through personal branding photography that showcases your personality, your brand and what you have uniquely in common with your clients.

Any business owner can benefit from personal branding photography….

  • New business owners wanting to introduce themselves as professionals to their ideal clients
  • Business owners who know they don’t have the time or skill necessary to get their personal brand across in photos
  • People with a direct sales business
  • Real Estate agents
  • Hairdressers & Salon owners
  • You name it!

This article gives some great ways that personal branding photography can increase your business!

Personal brand photos are a mix of lifestyle photos, headshots and product photos.  They give you a big variety of photos to post on social media – usually enough for you to have a new photo every day for 3 months!

They also provide you with photos for your website and for any print media you need for your business.  Need some ideas of how to use your photos?  Check out this post here 🙂

How is personal brand photography different than a portrait session?

The biggest difference between a personal brand and a typical portrait session is the fact that you receive your digital files and the commercial license to use them as you need in your business.  These are your photos to use without needing to credit the photographer.  A personal brand photographers job is to make you look good and bring you business – however I can help you do that is what I want to do for you!

Want to check out my packages and pricing?  Go here to see all the details!  🙂


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