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When planning your wedding, it can be hard to know which vendors to hire.  You’ve likely never planned a wedding.  Even if you have, it’s probably been a few years and things can tend to change.  🙂

So I wanted to put together some blog posts of featured vendors for you to check out!  These will all be people I either have worked with or know personally.  Hopefully it can at least give you a jumping off point to get you going in the right direction when hiring a professional for your wedding.

DJ GEM EntertainmentToday’s featured vendor  is Hutchinson DJ Jimmy Lawson

Jimmy runs DJ GEM Entertainment in Hutchinson, KS.  I worked with Jimmy at Jake & Liv’s wedding and he was lots of fun, took requests and really kept the reception moving & hopping!  🙂

He provides ceremony & reception music, with custom playlists and/or song mixes.  He also meets with brides to discuss the itinerary and help you finalize the timeline for your special day.

Jimmy has been in business since 2010 when he started working parties and clubs because of his love for music.  Soon after that he took on some weddings and now has anywhere from 10-20 weddings  each year.  Even though he has a facebook page, he gets most of his jobs as a Hutchinson DJ from word of mouth – which I think is the best kind of advertising!  

DJ GEM EntertainmentJimmy said he enjoys seeing the happy faces and also using his talents to create the perfect songs throughout the evening.  He plays any kind of music, any place and at any time.  Jimmy also loves taking requests because it’s fun for him to see what other kinds of music people love to hear.  He even takes requests from little girls. 😉

Something that most people don’t know about Jimmy is that he was terrified to talk on the microphone in front of people when he first started.  He’s obviously gotten over this and is great in front of the microphone.  🙂 

DJ GEM EntertainmentOn a personal note,

In his spare time Jimmy loves spending time with his children, going to the lake and fishing.  He also spends his time at the circle dirt track during the summer when he is able.  When I asked him if he’d rather have a salty or sweet snack, he said don’t make me choose!  🙂 Sounds about like my answer.  😉

One piece of advice he said he’d give to brides & grooms planning their wedding, was “Don’t stress out!  Enjoy the moment and have a good time!”  I second that advice 😉

If you are looking to hire a Hutchinson DJ and want to contact Jimmy, you can call him directly at 316-293-6637.  You can also send him a message through facebook.

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