Things you may be overlooking in wedding planning

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If you’re planning your wedding, it’s likely the first time and there may be things that you are overlooking without realizing it.  So I wanted to put together a list of things you may be overlooking in wedding planning to help you out!

Before I dive in, a big common theme that became apparent as I was putting together this blog post was communication.  This is so key to making sure your wedding goes like you planned.  Communicating your timeline, expectations and gratitude for everyone’s help is so very important.

overlooking in wedding planningTalk with your fiancé about how you both want the day to go (will you mingle separately during the reception or stick together?).  So often a wedding turns into just what the bride wants, but this is his day too, so just be sure to communicate your expectations.

Also, communicate with all your vendors on what you want and what they provide.  For example, make sure you understand how much video coverage you will receive from your videographer.  Sometimes they will take your whole day of coverage and give you a 5-10 minute video showing the highlights.  Just be sure you know what you’re getting.  And if you want your DJ to play specific songs for different times during the reception, make sure they know so those songs are saved for the right time.  If they ask you for a playlist, be sure you know how many songs you need.


People willing and able to help you on the day of with things like:

  • serving food (if you’re not hiring people for that)
  • cutting the cake
  • setting up/tearing down – decorations in the ceremony and reception area
  • the guest book
  • ushering people down the aisle (grandparents, parents, etc) and also helping guests to their seats
  • making sure you eat (in the busyness of the day this can easily get overlooked, but when ceremony time comes and you’re walking down the aisle you don’t want to be thinking about how hungry you are…you want to be enjoying that moment fully).  At the reception, have them grab you a plate if you don’t go through the line right away.
  • pinning boutonnieres (make sure they know ahead of time how to do that – there’s Youtube videos that will help)
  • someone who knows the family and can help round up people for photos is extremely helpful
  • a general person to be aware of things like snacks that are running out, bathrooms not working, etc. And make sure they know what to do if those things happen – if they can just take care of the problem without you knowing there’s a problem that is the best.

Make sure all these people know when to arrive, how you’d like them dressed, what exactly you need them to do and when they can leave.  If they aren’t reliable and you’re worried they may be too busy dancing to serve food at the reception, maybe re-think who you’re asking to help.

Is it possible to hire a few people to help serve food?  This doesn’t have to cost a ton and could take a big weight off your shoulders.  If you hired 3 people to help for 2 hours and paid them $20/hour, this would only cost you $120.  You could probably pay less – I’m not an expert in this area, but just wanted to present it as an idea to think about.

overlooking in wedding planningReview the day

One way to help you know if there are any gaps in your planning is to sit down a week or two before your wedding with a few people (like your fiancé, mom, sisters, etc) and go through the entire day.  Reviewing every detail will help you know if you’re forgetting anything.

Where will you get ready?  How will you get to the ceremony, reception, and then how will you leave after the reception?  Who will clean up the reception and ceremony location?

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, do you have plans for the lovely Kansas wind?  Do you have a way to secure your tablecloths and decorations?

Also, be sure the groomsmen know to arrive at the venue with ironed clothes…either wearing them or in a hanging bag just make sure they look good.  🙂

Here’s a handy (probably not exhaustive) list of things to remember to grab:

  • wedding & engagement rings (get them cleaned a day or two before the ceremony)
  • extra lipstick (ask your makeup artist what color she’ll be using and grab an extra for touch ups)
  • details for your photographer to photograph…perfume, rings, special jewelry…I have a whole blog post about this here that you can go check out.
  • water for the wedding party (maybe straws too so you’re not messing up your lipstick)
  • jewelry for everyone
  • shoes
  • veil
  • welcome signs
  • guest book
  • menus
  • seating chart
  • flowers for pastor and wedding planner – sometimes they are overlooked


Make sure everyone knows the timeline of the day.  Typically this is something you go over with your photographer and planner, but others will benefit in knowing how the day should flow.  For example, your hair & makeup girl needs to know how long she has (obviously make sure you know how much time she needs) so that part of the day doesn’t go into photo time.

Be sure to calculate in driving time if your ceremony and reception are in two different locations.  And allow time for the guests to all arrive so that when you and your wedding party make your entrance, all the guests are there to see it.

When you’re thinking about your timeline, also consider with whom you want to have photos taken.  If you have a blended family, be sure your photographer knows what combinations of people you want in photos.  Only you know the dynamics of your family and who you want in photos.  I always sit down with my brides to find out who is important to have in photos.

Make sure to allow room in your timeline for FOOD.  (Yes, it’s that important, sorry I yelled.)  Your wedding day is filled with enough emotions, anticipation and excitement.  The last thing you need is for your stomach to be growling while you’re walking down the aisle, or for you to feel faint when you’re saying your vows.

Giving a copy of the timeline to the DJ and photographer for the reception will help make sure you don’t miss any key photos during the reception and allows your photographer to know when she can sit down for a few minutes.  🙂 I know I don’t want to miss any detail of photographing a reception, but at that point in the day I likely need to sit for a minute and take a bite of food or go to the restroom.  🙂 So being able to do those things without fear of missing something important is great.  🙂

I wrote a blog post about putting together your wedding timeline, so go check that out for more tips.

If possible, this is where a planner comes in so very helpful.  Even if you just hire a day-of coordinator to oversee things and make sure everything runs smoothly, this can be a great way to ensure you remember the day as a happy experience, not everything that went wrong.  My friend Jessica over at Wichita Coordination is a great option for multiple levels of wedding planning – from day of to full service planning.  You should check her out if you’re thinking about that!


One good thing to have on hand is a kit of things to help with unplanned things.  Some things to consider are the following:

  • scissors
  • tide to go
  • floss
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • safety pins
  • bobby pins
  • hair ties
  • steamer
  • deoderant
  • medication (any that you normally take but also Tylenol, ibuprofen, Benadryl, etc)
  • breath mints
  • small sewing kit
  • hair spray
  • gum
  • phone charger
  • second pair of shoes
  • empty grocery bags for trash, wet stuff, unexpected things

My last piece of advice to help you know what you may be overlooking in your wedding planning is to BREATHE!  I know, I’m sorry for yelling again.  But really, it’s that important.  In the excitement and busyness of planning a wedding, it can be easy to lose sight of why you started this whole process in the first place.  Remember that your wedding day is about two people declaring their love and devotion for each other.  Be sure to breathe and enjoy your special day.  🙂

For more wedding planning help, you can grab my free wedding prep guide to help you out!

Was this helpful?  I sure hope so!  If I forgot anything, please put it in the comments for your fellow future brides!

Talk to you soon,


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